Family unite to pay tribute to their nan at Neon Five

A Weston family have registered for Weston Hospicecare’s new event, the Neon Five, as a way to pay tribute to their Nan, Julia ‘Vonnie’ White, who passed away from stomach cancer aged 92 at the Hospice in September. Dave McCarthy, along with his sister Clare and niece, Eva will join hundreds of other people who have already signed up to the event which takes place on Saturday 25th October. Speaking about why he is taking part in the Neon Five, Dave said: “Nan was in the Hospice for two weeks before she passed away. She was very well cared for and our family are so appreciative of the care and support that she had. In one instance, Nan was speaking to the Doctor about things that interested her and she mentioned her love of music. The next day, we noticed that someone had put some music in the stereo for her. That little gesture made such a big difference and it was nice to see that, as well as looking after the medical side of things, the Hospice staff also took time to think about the smaller details. My mum received a lot of support from the Doctors and nurses on an individual basis too: they made her aware of what was happening, what to expect and what kind of support groups were available to her as well. Taking part in the Neon Five with my niece and sister is our way of being able to say thank you to Weston Hospicecare as a family.”

The Neon Five is a 5k walk through Weston Woods at night time…with a twist. The course will be illuminated with bright lights, magical props and vibrant music. Winding your way through the twists and turns of the course, you’re invited to fall into Alice’s Wonderland and moon walk through Space Odyssey. Just remember to keep an eye out for any surprises in store!

To register before the closing date on Monday 20th October, visit