Community Companions

Providing care at home for someone with a life-limiting illness can be a daunting prospect. Many people want to care for someone at home but feel unsure of their own abilities. Maybe it all seems too much to organise, or there do not seem to be enough people around to help. Maybe the anxieties and uncertainties have made it hard for you to think straight. A Community Companion could help.

Our Community Companions are all volunteers and have significant life experience – many of them having provided care at home for a loved one.

They will:
• be a listening ear
• help you work out your needs
• help you organise and develop your support network
• help you make practical plans
• point out support services that you could access
• liaise with Hospice services

Our Compassionate Communities leaflet has more information about this free service. Download it now.

Simon Platt is one of our Community Companions

People have told me that I am easy to talk to and they will happily confide in me, so I wanted to put this to good effect and help local people. Dealing with such a difficult life experience is completely different for everyone so I know I won’t always have the answers but I can be there to listen, to help plan and offer all the support and reassurance I can. I just want to support people in the way my friends did for me when I lost my wife a couple of years ago – they were such a comfort – as a Community Companion I can and that is important to me.

If you would like further information about our Community Companions, then please call us on or email