Home from home: that’s how we like our patients to think of the In-patient Unit. Each of the ten en-suite bedrooms is softly decorated to feel more like a room at home rather than a hospital ward.

If you, or someone you love, comes to stay here at the Hospice we will welcome your family, friends and other visitors as often as you are up to seeing them, we will encourage you to bring your own pictures and personal possessions, and we hope that you will soon feel completely at home!  Your pets can come to visit, your close family can stay overnight if they need to, and there’s even a special room for children to play in.  You will also have your own special private patio that leads out to the main Hospice gardens.

Of the ten bedrooms in the In-patient Unit, seven are used by patients who are visiting us for a short stay; you might be surprised to know that more than half of our In-patients go home again to their friends and family – and some choose to come back and spend their final days with us.  Short stays at the Unit are used to stabilise and improve  symptoms and medication regimes before returning home again. Our other three beds are for patients with complex needs who will require longer-term care which cannot be provided in their own homes or in hospital.

During your stay you will be cared for by a dedicated team of 25 including Nurses, Doctors, a Physiotherapist, a Chaplain, Councillors, a Complementary Therapist, volunteers and your Hospice Community Nurse Specialist. You will also be invited to attend our Day Hospice, which is a great chance to have a break and do something fun!

If you would like to find out more please call Weston Hospicecare on .

Our In-patient Unit leaflet has more information about this free service. Download it now.

“It’s 24-hour here, the staff work so hard. It’s not just looking after us, it’s preparing meals and dealing with patients and families – it’s amazing. I think the staff are incredible. It must be so hard to do the job they do. Nothing is ever too much trouble.”

Bev Riddell