Give a Gift that’s priceless

What do you get for the person who has everything?

Surprise a loved one with a very different kind of gift; one that will help us to provide life-changing care.

There are hundreds of things the Hospice does on a daily basis to help patients and their families live life to the fullest – relieving pain and controlling symptoms, providing complementary therapies and relaxation exercises and helping people come to terms with the realities of their illness and the prospect of the end of their life.

But we can only provide our care, with your help.

Choose from our range of gifts below that will brighten our patients’ lives. Put a smile on the faces of those you love, those we care for and the ones who love them.

Gifts that relieve pain

£12 – pain relief medication for a day

£36 – specialist cushion for when pain makes even sitting uncomfortable

£48 – a patient can spend their final hours at home, cared for by our nurses

£82 – pain relief medication for a week

£125 – an hour in the In-patient Unit for when being at home is too difficult

Gifts that relax

£19 – soothing aromatherapy massage

£19 – calming reflexology session

£20 – fresh flowers to brighten a patient’s bedroom when they’re away from home

£95 – a day of understanding, fun and indulgence in Day Hospice

Gifts that support

£12 – specialist meals and refreshments for a day

£22 – an hour’s bereavement care for a loved one coming to terms with their grief

£27 – an hour at home with a nurse to advise, reassure and explain

£28 – an hour with our chaplain to understand, “why me?”

£150 – train a companion sitter to support those who feel lost, lonely or afraid