The Barn beauty salon rides for Weston Hospicecare

On Sunday 4th October, the multi-award-winning beauty salon, The Barn, organized a charity bike ride to raise money for Weston Hospicecare.

 “We always like to support charity,” says Kelly Hooper, Creator and Director of The Barn, “but with our busy schedules we couldn’t find an event to suit us, so we organized our own.”

The Barn set up a sponsor bucket in the salon and asked people for a £1 pledge. “Our aim was to get as many people as possible to give us a £1 each,” says Kelly.

Cycling the 25 miles from Cheddar Reservoir to Yatton and back along the Strawberry line, were 15 women and children comprising members of Team Barn, clients and family.

The youngest participant was 9-year-old Charlotte Redman who cheerily lead the team for much of the way. Together with her mum Alex – who works as an acupuncturist and Bowen practitioner at The Barn – she raised £65. Imogen Lawrence, The Barn’s 14-year-old Saturday girl donated £100 in memory of her beloved granddad.

“There are few people who have not been touched by cancer or a terminal illness,” says Kelly. “In Team Barn, we have had family members and friends with terminal illnesses  – and we have also had the honour of treating and comforting terminally-ill clients – some of whom have stayed at Weston Hospicecare. As a local business, we like to support local charity and Weston Hospicecare is very close to all of our hearts.”